Accelerated Reader Program
This computer-based program provides our teachers with valuable data on the individual student’s reading practice while improving their critical-thinking skills and developing an intrinsic love of reading. 

Language Arts and Literature
Students build on fluency, comprehension and vocabulary by reading selections from genres such as fiction, non-fiction, realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, mythology and poetry. Students develop writing, speaking, listening and communication skills along with the encouragement of trust and mutual respect. 

In the lower grades, students develop math skills through hands-on experiences, discussions and exploration reinforced through carefully considered practice. They are later exposed to topics ranging from numeration to equations and graphs. At the middle school level, students can advance in math with courses including Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 1 & 2. 

Music and Drama
We promote the fine arts at Van Avery Prep at every grade level. Students develop the foundation of rhythmic understanding in their music classes and participate in dramatic musical performances each year. 

Physical Education and Athletics
Using the State and National Standards as guidelines, the goals of the Physical Education program are motor learning, biomechanics, exercise physiology and personal development. At the middle school level, Van Avery Prep athletic teams compete in the Inland Valley Interscholastic Athletic Association. We pride ourselves on our coaching staff and our “no-cut” policy encouraging athletes of all experience levels to participate and learn the fundamentals of the sport.

Students are motivated to engage in science when they seek answers to their own questions. They explore science through hands-on experiments, and use scientific ideas and processes to solve everyday problems. Students will make careful observations and strive to make sense of those observations by constructing explanations that are consistent with currently accepted scientific principles. 

Social Studies
Van Avery Prep uses social studies curriculum that includes textbooks for classroom use and online textbooks for home or anywhere the Worldwide Web is accessible. Teaching strategies include interactive lectures, experiential exercises, social studies skill builders, response groups, writing for understanding and problem solving group work. 

All students, Kindergarten through 8th grade will learn Spanish as a second language. They study Spanish culture and history and are exposed to a variety of activities including poems, songs, writings and art.

Visual Arts Program
The Van Avery Prep Visual Arts Program for grades K through 8th consists of five components; Perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context, aesthetic valuing and artistic connections, relationships and applications.

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