Mission and Core Values:

•    We believe that students develop in character and learn to become independent thinkers through a balance of accelerated academic enrichment and active participation in athletics and the arts.


•   We believe in providing dedicated, passionate teachers who hold high expectations for all and understand and respect students for their individual strengths.



•   We believe that our students succeed in college and later in life because they have been taught to strive for excellence, to understand the value of hard work, to think critically, to collaborate productively, to express themselves thoughtfully and to bring out the best in others.


•   We value the opportunities to get all our students involved in philanthropic endeavors through outreach in our community.



•   We value the diverse perspectives, personalities and passions our students bring to the Van Avery Prep community and believe this diversity makes our school a community where each can learn from all.


•   We are privileged to be educating the next generation of leaders for our community, our city, and our nation, and we know that their success depends upon their integrity, their capacity for managing complexity, their adaptability and perseverance, and their confidence in embarking upon ambitious undertakings.



•   We believe in instilling in our students a sense of global awareness, social responsibility and environmental responsibility.