Our Mission

    At Van Avery Prep our mission is to…
  • Provide only the best teachers and programs to achieve excellence in education
  • Teach an advanced curriculum – Kindergarten through 8th Grade
  • Remain dedicated to providing every student with a strong foundation in
    • Phonics
    • Spelling and Grammar
    • Written and oral English
    • Geography, History and Science
  • Insure that every student will
    • Develop critical thinking skills
    • Learn to be proficient in a second language
    • Participate in the visual and performing arts
    • Develop a love of their country
    • Become moral and productive citizens
    • Benefit from an extensive athletic program
    • Engage in character education at all grade levels
    • Enjoy social interaction in a wide variety of clubs
  • Have every student emerge from our program
    • Able to communicate mathematically
    • As capable problem solvers
    • Versed in the latest technology
    Van Avery Prep is fully accredited by NPSAA.












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