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Van Avery Prep’s athletics program is an important part of student life, providing experiences that enable students to develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Our athletic facility boasts a beautiful gymnasium, turf field, and sports court. We do not exclude students from participating in any of our athletic programs based on lack of experience or ability.

We recognize that many of the traits and skills necessary for athletic success—commitment, teamwork, resilience, communication, perseverance—are fundamental for success in life and further acknowledge that students often develop important aspects of their leadership abilities on the playing field. Our competitive athletics begin in 6th grade, with an emphasis on the team experience, skill development, fair play, and healthy competition. Participating students compete against other students in both public and private schools.

It is our goal at Van Avery Prep to provide every student with an opportunity to participate in one or more athletic events. Our athletic program is designed for individual and team sports that further our school mission of mental, physical, and social/emotional development of our students. At VAP, students may participate in flag football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, track & field, soccer, and cheerleading.

All Eagle athletic programs have specific goals:

  • Creating a positive and competitive experience for every athlete
  • Providing an environment that ensures high ethical standards and expectations for fairness, equity, and sportsmanship for all of our student athletes and coaches
  • Enhancing our student’s overall school experience by allowing them to develop and strengthen relationships with peers outside the classroom

At VAP, we strive to provide coaches and staff that are knowledgeable in their respective sports and promote the goals that we have established.

Did you know that research shows that the greatest influence upon our student athletes is not their coach or their peers? By far, you, as parents or guardians, have the greatest influence upon your child. The feedback and behavior from a parent can influence a child’s motivation, perceived competence, and their enjoyment of the sport. It also affects how long an athlete stays involved in sports. At VAP, we welcome and encourage parents/guardians to be involved in the sports program by attending their games and cheering them on. In addition to our varied offerings in team sports, we pride ourselves on our physical education program. We inspire students to see the positive side of being physically active. Our program builds gross and fine motor skills, teaches safe behaviors, and fosters awareness of personal space. Structured physical activities are an excellent avenue to developing social skills. Our physical education program encompasses the core principles of fitness, character, and skills.

We believe that physical education is an important part of every child’s academic day. Students in kindergarten through 3rd grade participate in physical education twice a week, while students in 4th through 8th grade participate daily.