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Our arts program helps us achieve our mission of developing scholars, artists, and athletes of character. While our students strive to excel academically, they also have opportunities to nourish their creative side. They will visit our beautiful art studio weekly to engage in lessons that may include developing engaging multimedia presentations, or studying artist voices and music while learning about a variety of different artists both past and present. Interactive questions and multimedia content presented by their art instructor captivates the students while walking them through a virtual museum filled with interesting stories and facts.

Visual Arts

After students have completed their art history lesson and have a true connection to the artist, they are taught the techniques that made the art revolutionary. Once artist inspiration and technique are mastered, students are ready for the real fun. Our budding artists have the opportunity to create in the same medium, style, or subject matter as the Master Artist they have been studying. They will discover their creativity while developing confidence in their own unique abilities.

Performing Arts

Students in kindergarten through 5th grade take part in two performances a year. Our spectacular Holiday Show features students singing (and signing) a variety of holiday songs, as well as playing their instruments. Their second performance is our spring play. Students in every class act, sing, and support each other on stage as they learn the fundamentals of theater.

Our spring talent show is a favorite amongst students as they are always eager to share their talents and skills. Students showcase a variety of talents from singing and acting to martial arts and magic.


Art Studio

Our art studio is fully equipped with paint, watercolors, sculpting clay, and a wide variety of materials to expand imaginations. It also serves as an art gallery showcasing student art from each grade. Parents are always welcome to stop by and see what new masterpieces their students have created.