Over the past 24 consecutive years, I have had 6 children attend Kid's World and Van Avery Prep.  We (and it is definitely a close collaboration) have produced a valedictorian at Great Oak HS, two Eagle Scouts, a black belt and a brown belt in Krav Maga, two JROTC officers, and six independent-thinking leaders.  If you want similar successes for your children, I recommend Van Avery Prep.

~ Dr. Laurence Boggeln

My children have been at VAP since kindergarten and are now in 3rd and 5th grade. We have been so impressed with the quality of the education at this school and the ability of the school to cater to their needs. Both children have been exposed to higher level maths than their grade level and as well as advanced reading. Beyond the academics, VAP puts emphasis on teaching the children to become good citizens, sports and instills good penmanship skills including cursive. This year we are moving abroad so sadly will be leaving VAP however we were mighty impressed to see that the quality of education the children received at VAP was on par with some of the highest international standards. In fact in math and reading they superseded the international expectation for their grade. The international teachers also commended the children on their beautiful cursive writing. We feel VAP stimulates and feeds intellectual curiosity in the developing minds, and gives the children the skills to becoming avid life long learners, always challenged but never overly pressured. Maybe that explains why we drive to VAP from San Diego County -  a total of 60 miles a day  - so that our children can attend this hidden gem of a school!

~ Dr Maria Thompson

Our daughter attended Van Avery Prep from kindergarten to 8th grade. She started with Kids World when she was only 2 years old. From our experiences at both schools, we saw her flourish from a shy toddler to a confident graduate in 8th grade. She excelled academically and was provided with opportunities in athletics, arts and leadership at Van Avery. She learned excellent study habits and was encouraged to set goals and aim high. My daughter also formed strong friendships at the school, many who are like family, and with whom we continue to be close. Now that she is in high school, we can see how Van Avery prepared her well. We are very thankful for the outstanding education she received and highly recommend Van Avery. 

~ Dr. Annalisa Abjelina

I am grateful for the Van Avery Preparatory School education received by my three children.  The gift of education is truly a gift which yields dividends not only in the short term but throughout life ahead.

Spanning from our oldest daughter's first day of kindergarten to my son's graduation from eighth grade comprised sixteen continuous years with 27 individual educational school years.  There are so many fond memories but the greatest certainly is to see the thrill of learning that each of my children gained at Van Avery.

This passion to learn propelled each of them to achieve their international baccalaureate certificates in high school and ultimately to be able to select their respective university from a pool of acceptances including University of Southern California, Duke, University of Washington,  UCLA, Berkeley, Dartmouth, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, and Wellesley.  Further underscoring their education; each of my children had over a year of university credits earned prior to stepping foot on campus will enable two of them to graduate in three years and my other child graduated with a double biomedical and computer electrical degree in four years.

I have no doubt the seeds of learning were planted in the classrooms of Van Avery Preparatory School and watered by the amazing faculty encouraging each of my children to pursue their educational passion.

~ Brice Kittle

Van Avery Prep has become a second family. We have been at VAP since 2010 and loved and appreciated the school culture and intimacy of the small, supportive community. I have especially appreciated the multitude of opportunities to be involved, including the annual art show, science fair, fall & spring musical productions, athletic teams, and clubs of all varieties. I am certain that the small, supportive classroom environment has built both confidence and leadership skills within my children.

~ Teresa Wells